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ThunderJags is a fan site. Our content is generated by fans, and it is intended to be read by fans. We, the founders of the site, are currently limited on how many sporting events we can attend and how much time we can spend updating the site. That being said, we invite any Jags fans to write reviews about the various sporting events involving the wonderful Jaguars.

If you are a fan of a specific sport at South and regularly attend the matches or games, we invite you to write articles to express how well the Jaguars did, as well as provide commentary on the performance.

To get started, you shall need a membership. You can register for free here. Your membership request shall be reviewed and shall be granted “Contributor” status, allowing you to write articles. If we like the articles, they shall be approved and posted. If enough people like your articles, you may even create your own fan base.

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