Jags Focus On More Situational Work Tuesday

September 2, 2009 · Filed Under Football · Comment 

The Jags practiced for about two hours on Tuesday in full pads. Practice started with 15 minutes of punts and punt returns. Then they went into a 20 minute period of position drills. The offense and defense split up to work on two separate drills, inside run plays while receivers and defensive backs went one-on-one.

The next segment lasted about 10 minutes and it had the first-team offense and defense worked on blitzing and picking up the blitz. This was followed by a 10 minute period of skeleton passing drills.

The final 40 minutes or so of practice saw the teams split into separate groups to practice against scout teams. The defense worked on the grass field while the offense was on the turf field.

In Coach Jones post practice remarks, he mentioned that Tuesday is their ‘work day.’ “We worked on every situation. Tuesday is our work day, and we try to hit every situation,” coach Jones said. “We ran a lot of hard inside drills, some skeleton drills, goal line and red zone. It was pretty much a full day of it, but tomorrow we’ll cut back and Thursday we’ll work more on the kicking game and special situations.”

Coach Jones was pleased with the the offensive players progress in picking up the blitz. “We’ve shown signs of picking things up, and today, at least mentally, they were getting to the right places,” he said. “The quarterbacks did a great job of getting the ball out and getting it to a receiver. That’s hard to do. It’s a defensive period, with the defense laying their ears back and coming at the quarterback. The offense has gotten better and better, so it’s been really good for them, and the defense has done a good job of blitzing.”

Offensive coordinator Greg Gregory spoke about the offense, “We’re a tough football team physically, and I think we will execute pretty well,” he said. “Our whole philosophy is to do what we do best. We’re going to run our plays and they’re going to have to stop us. We’re not going to try to adjust a lot to what they’re doing, and we really don’t know what they’re going to do, so we’re going to try to make sure we do what we do well, and hopefully that will be good enough.”

The team will practice in full pads again on Wednesday then they will have a lighter day of practice on Thursday leading up to Friday’s walk-through. Coach Jones had this to say about the final preparations this week, “We’ve got to be smart and get our legs back under us. I want the kids to relax and get their assignments down mentally. We’ve pounded them for the last three-and-a-half weeks, and now we’re backing off to try to get them ready.”

According to the ticket countdown this morning on www.usagameday.com there were 16,362 tickets remaining of the 40,000+ that Ladd-Peebles can seat.