CBSSports Conference Power Rankings This Week

September 19, 2012 · Filed Under Football, Sun Belt Conference · Comment 

Chip Patterson, a blogger for, posted his Conference Power Rankings for September 18. While the top conference will not surprise you, you may be surprised at who is ranked at the “top of the rest” as many would say.

First, he ranked the “Cupcake King Power Rankings” as he called it. These are teams who played the most FCS games so far this season.

  • 1. ACC (12 games)
  • 2. Big 12 (9 games) & Mountain West (9 games)
  • 4. MAC (8 games) & PAC 12 (8 games)

His Conference Power Rankings for the 11 conferences. Note the top 6 conferences are typically called “The Big 6”:

  1. SEC
  2. Big 12
  3. Pac 12
  4. Big 10
  5. Big East
  6. ACC
  7. Sun Belt
  8. MAC
  9. WAC
  10. Mountain West
  11. C-USA

Not long ago there was an article about how the Sun Belt had set it’s sights on C-USA, but right now C-USA is in the cellar according to Chip.

If you want to read Chip’s original article, which outlines some of his criteria for his rankings as well as statistics that went into his rankings, click here.