Jag Video: Strength And Conditioning

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This video was posted yesterday and it goes inside the South Alabama locker room and show the Jags commitment in getting stronger, faster and better players. If this doesn’t get you excited for this Fall, there’s not much that will.

Coach Joey Jones Show Recap 2009-11-03

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Coach Jones said that after the success of this year and the progression of the team that they were going to go ahead and schedule some tougher teams next season. He mentioned they are looking to schedule some Division I-AA schools. Some schools in California and Texas were examples.

Lee mentioned that he talked to the coach from Milford Academy and he said they were taking a two day bus trip, leaving out on Wednesday, to travel down to Mobile for Saturday’s game. Lee joked he was just glad that, after their loss the weekend before and the Jags big 64-6 win, he was glad they didn’t cancel the game.

Coach Jones jumped in and said that they (other schools) want to win the game but they also want to expose their players to different places and schools. He said that after last weeks game they had players coming up to them saying that they were Freshman and that they really liked what they have going on here (South Alabama), he mentioned the crowd and the atmosphere then he mentioned that they would like for them to consider them for next season.

Lee asked Coach Jones about the progression of Brennan Sim and if he has closed the gap between him and Myles Gibbon. If that they were trying to get him more playing time because of that. Coach Jones said that they both play well and that with the 7 game season they could play both of them and get a better evaluation of them. Brennan only has one season left, he will be a redshirt Senior next year. Lee ended the segment by asking if they were looking to bring in another quarterback which Coach Jones answered quickly by saying that they are.

There are alot of activities going on at USA on Friday. From 4:30 to 5:30pm they will be having open house at the new Football Fieldhouse with a couple coaches and players giving tours and talking with fans. Then at 6:30 there will be a homecoming parade on campus followed by a bonfire. Then Saturday is the homecoming game with Miss America to sing the National Anthem.

Coach Jones said he was pleased with the passing game beyond the first two throws. He was pleased with Sim and Nick Owens passing. Lots of high percentage completions and they looked pretty sharp. He said they are getting more comfortable with it. He also mentioned that its something you have to work on day in and day out. They have a blitz period almost every day, at least two out of three days. Constantly getting that over and over again, they get used to it and adjust to it.

Justin Schwind, the strength and conditioning coach, came onto the program with Coach Jones. Coach Schwind said first off they have to sell the program to the kid, that they will get stronger and that the work will pay off by better play on the field. Next he has to meet with them individually to see what their goals, wants and desires are and try to amend their program towards that.

His first goal after that is to keep the player healthy and off the injured list. Then after that goal, he wants to help these guys get bigger and stronger which will help their play. But the number 1 thing performance wise that these guys need to do is mature physically. He used Clifton Crews as an example that he has gained about 15 lbs over the summer but still needs to gain about 15 lbs more to be the right size for Division I-A and be able to push some guys around and there are other guys he could name to that list.

Coach Schwind also works with the players for their diet. He doesn’t like the word ‘diet’ he likes uses the word ‘lifestyle change’ because thats what it really is.

Lee asked Coach Jones if they knew who they were opening up the season against. Coach Jones answered that they don’t know yet but they are talking to some people like UC-Davis and Nicols State but don’t know who its going to be yet.

Asked by Lee to make a case for Milford, Coach Jones said that most of the teams they have faced this year have had better defense’s than offense’s but Milford may be the best offense they have faced this season. They have a couple good commitments to schools, one to Florida.

Coach Joey Jones Show Recap 2009-10-13

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Coach Joey Jones joined with Lee Shirvanian and Dameyune Craig at Baumhower’s Wings Restaurant on Airport Boulevard for today’s show.

First question they are going to start with, now that the Jags are 3-0 and they have defeated what they think will be their best competition of the year. Where do you think this program is in terms of what level of competition could you compete with Division I-AA, Division II or division III. If you could redo the schedule where do you think they could go? Coach Jones talked to the team yesterday about some of their goals for the rest of the year and what they can do to get there. He then, kind of reluctantly, went on to talk scores. The #2 Junior College team beat Georgia Military 28-8 and the Jags beat them 31-3, but by the scores they could compete with that team. However, Coach Jones was quick to remind the listeners that it does not mean they could beat them but it indicates that they could compete with some of the best JC’s in the country.

Coach Jones then said they could probably get on the field with many of the Division I-AA schools, but not the Appalachian States or other traditional big schools in that division.

Lee then asked Coach Craig said he really didn’t know because they have alot of freshman. But that they have a really great group of kids that go out and work hard and learn, so its hard to compare. He thinks they could do well in Division II and maybe Division I-AA. He also thought they could probably do well in the SWAC conference.

Lee also mentioned that they tried to schedule Alabama State but it didn’t work out. But Coach Jones hopes to schedule them in the future thinking it would be a good game.

Lee mentioned that the team has a lot of Freshman but they also have a fair amount of Junior College linemen and asked if that was the difference for the team. Coach Jones said that they came in and gave the team a maturity factor that rubbed off on the younger guys. They are more calm with something bad happens in a game.

Lee followed up asking if the Jags would be looking to bring in some more Junior College players and transfers like Courtney Smith and others. Coach Jones said you should always look to better your team any way you can. Meaning that they have Brandon Ross that expressed an interest in coming to USA. The same with Charlie Higgenbotham. He said they have to spread their wealth, they took Brandon even though they had a pretty good line-up at running back because he was a difference maker.

Lee asked Coach Craig what positions they were looking to focus on this recruiting season. He answered that they are looking at defensive ends, cornerbacks and safeties. They feel pretty good about receivers and running backs but they can always use offensive lineman.

Looking back at Georgia Military, Coach Jones said that they knew that defensively they were a good team. Also they felt like there were some deficiencies on their offensive line that they could exploit and pressure the quarterback. They hurried and hit the quarterback a lot but didn’t get too him. The defense ran him around the field so much that at one point he had full body cramps and they also hit him every time he threw the football which was good for the Jags.

Lee asked about Michel Chapuseaux’s injury which Coach Jones said he was alright. It looked worse than it was and it scared him some. It was a hard hit but he’s okay. Offensive guard Jon Griffin turned an ankle but is expected to be fine for the game on Saturday. Then John Mark Patrick who continues to out due to his knee problem.

The offense only scored two touchdowns and didn’t have a chance to catch many passes because they didn’t throw much. They just want to do what they can to win, players are working hard to make a play when its their time and to just do their roll in the game plan.

Lee joked with Coach Craig about his days at Auburn and how the Georgia Military quarterback moved around to make plays. Coach Craig joked that his games ended better, he didn’t throw interceptions but rather threw more touchdowns. But he gave credit to Coach Clark, the defensive coordinator, for doing an outstanding job with the guys on defense and that it has been a pleasure working with him and everyone on the staff.

He even included Coach Schwind the strength and conditioning coach on what a good job they have done and how well they work together. He continued saying that the summer workouts they did with the players getting them prepared for camp really made a huge difference.

A listener emailed in a question about the special teams punt coverage. He was saying that one punt went into the end zone where the coverage team had a chance to catch it close to the endzone but allowed it to hit and go in for a touch back. He wanted to ask if they are coached to catch it if they have a chance like that and the receiving team is not trying to catch it.

Coach Jones said that the kids are instructed to catch the ball in that instance. They have stressed that and have worked on it. He said as a coach he looks back on that and asks himself if they did that enough in practice and did they put their kids in that situation enough for them to make it happen in the game. He then said he takes full blame for that because they should work on that enough so that it becomes second nature to them.

Certain positions they are looking at Junior College players to recruit. But right now they are looking to find the best players at the positions that they are looking to fill in. If they could find some Junior College defensive backs, coach Craig said that would be great. It would help them to get more experience in the backfield. Lee then made the observation that Zach Brownell and company are doing a good job in the defensive backfield. Coach Craig said its more about creating depth. They are comfortable at certain positions about their depth but when if one player gets hurt and it completely changes your game plan, that is a pretty tough situation.

The Jags finally have back to back game weekends. It feels good to finally have this and the kids are ready for it too. But Coach Jones said they feel they have used the previous off weeks very wisely and it has paid off on the field.

After Coach Jones said previously that Georgia Military was going to be their biggest test of the year for the Jags. Where do they go now? Coach Jones said they are trying to teach these kids to work every day. This is something that will help them on the field and in life. He also told them if they come out onto the practice field and work for two hours every day and get a little bit better every day then they are going to be better the next game and better at the end of the season. Coach Jones says he does not like to talk about going undefeated but that is their goal for the season. But how do they get there? They don’t get there by talking about it every day. They work towards achieving that by going out and working hard to get a little bit better every day.

Lee said that previously that it was mentioned that they felt like some of their receivers could possibly play in the NFL. So Lee asked if that was possible and who they might be. Coach Craig said that Courtney Smith has the intangibles. He has size and speed but some things he needs to work on to get there and he is willing to work to get there. They also have some young guys that are being redshirted right now. Kelly Vail from LeFlore was also mentioned.

When asked by Lee about who has the best hands, Coach Craig answered it would either be Lim Windham or Corey Besteda.

Coach Craig again praised the other coaches on the staff and said that the biggest thing he learned was that they can get Freshmen ready to play. Before he thought that they just were not ready to play coming into the team but what Coach Jones and the rest of the staff have done has changed that. They got these player in summer so they could work out and it has payed off big time because they are ready to play.

Coach Jones said that Louisburg may not be as talented as GMJC but they are still talented. They have players committed to Temple and other schools like that. They mentioned that they like to roll out the red carpet to teams when they arrive to play the Jags. They like to show them around the field house and to show off their facilities. Coach Jones said he has not been to many schools but he is pretty confident that they probably have among the best if not the best facilities in the Sun Belt and probably are good enough to make some of the lower end SEC schools a bit envious.