Privacy Policy (TJ) respects the privacy of its users, fans, and visitors. The information below shall serve as a general outline of our privacy practices. If you have any questions or concerns about the operation of this website, please contact:

TJ is a fan-run website that exists for the purposes of celebrating the Jaguars of the University of South Alabama. In some instances while using this website, users are required to enter personal information. The reasons for this are varied and may change at any time with or without warning. TJ does not warrant or guarantee the safety of this information. (Basically, if a user can hack the Pentagon or a credit corporation site to steal vital information, there is no guarantee the information stored on our servers is any safer.)

TJ promises not to sell or distribute the private personal information we collect unless required by law (or unless Google offers us an exorbitant amount of money). However, some elements of the information that users may submit will be considered public and may be used by TJ or its partners as we see fit. (Example: If you submit your name and a comment, this information may be published elsewhere at our discretion without compensation.)

Occasionally, TJ will incorporate third-party applications in an effort to make the online experience better for our users. Such applications may require the submission of additional personal information. In such situations, we shall continue to not accept any responsibility for the safety of the transfer or storage of private personal information on our servers.

Any posts (comments, articles, etc.) made to the TJ site shall be considered the property of TJ unless otherwise indicated, and TJ reserves the right to edit, reuse and republish any such information at its discretion. Users of the TJ site agree to not post content which may violate copyrights held by other entities. Any content found to be in violation of any copyright agreements shall be removed. Any reports of possible copyright violation may be submitted to the email address listed at the top of this agreement.

TJ also collects some non-personal data through the use of server session variables which are used to improve functionality of the website, such as tracking when users are logged in. Though, this point is likely irrelevant to most users. Additionally, TJ may record IP addresses of users for various reasons which include (but are not limited to) tracking site use and reporting malicious site abuse.

The TJ site contains links to third party sites. Please note that, regardless of whether or not the external link is endorsed by TJ, clicking the link will redirect you to another website for which TJ assumes no responsibility.

By using, you signify your agreement to our privacy policy as generally stated above. Note that this policy may be revised periodically without notice. Please re-read this policy prior to submitting any personal information if you have concerns about how your information is being collected and used.