Fuel to the Mississippi State fire?

September 9, 2014 · By · Filed Under Football 

Jags_vs_MSUSouth Alabama hosts Mississippi State on Saturday and there has never been as much buzz about a home game since the very first game back in 2009.

But it’s different now, the Jags are not taking the field for the first time. Untested and facing unknown. This time the Jaguars are hosting a team from the Southeastern Conference for the first time, but the team is familiar to them. They played during the 2012 season, which seems like so long ago.

Jaguar fans, players and coaches would love for nothing more than to shock the nation with an upset win over the Bulldogs. They almost earned that signature win over Tennessee last season but it slipped away in the waning moments. And what better setup than to lure the Bulldogs away from the friendly confines of Davis Wade Stadium and the clattering of cowbells that ring sweet in their ears but is the bane of any visiting team.

Throw on top of that that Bleacher Report tried to guess where ESPN College Gameday was going on September 13th and picked Mobile. It charged the Jaguar faithful again only to be disappointed but further intent on showing the nation that South Alabama > North Dakota State, where they chose for their location this week.

But then ESPN goes and throws yet more fuel to the fire with a post on the ESPN’s SEC blog titled “What we learned in the SEC: Week 2”.

If there ever was a stage set for the perfect, monumental upset this would be it for the Jaguars. Let’s show them what Jaguar football is all about. Let’s be loud without having to use a cowbell. Let’s show them how nice we can be outside the stadium but once we step foot inside, it’s all business…. and business is GOOD!

Go Jags!


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