Jags Hear From Two Special Guests After Thursday’s Practice

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Head coach Joey Jones speaks to his team after their first scrimmage of preseason camp at St. Paul's Episcopal School on Saturday, August 15, 2014.

Head coach Joey Jones speaks to his team after their first scrimmage of preseason camp at St. Paul’s Episcopal School on Saturday, August 15, 2014.

The Jaguars Thursday morning practice last almost two hours in shells just two days ahead of their second scrimmage of preseason camp. They were also joined by university president Tony Waldrop and vice president of student affairs and special assistant to the president Dr. John Smith where each spoke to the team after practice.

Head coach Joey Jones noted that it was another hot day but his team continued to work through it. “They are working hard and doing the things necessary to win, so I am proud of what they’re doing,” Jones said. “They are continuing to work hard through the heat. But we can’t let that bother us, it can’t be a factor. We just have to keep working.”

As the Jaguars second week of camp is quickly coming to a close and about to start the third week, coach Jones understands that their time is limited before the season starts and that the team is about to start the toughest part of camp.  “The toughest time is always at that third week of camp,” Jones explained. “Next week is going to be very critical. We’re going to work Monday through Thursday, and we have to have great practices that week because after that we are in game week. We have to understand that every minute and every rep matters. We’ve seen so many guys get better on this football team, and the more that improve then the better we are going to be. But everyone has to understand what they have to do.”

Quarterback Brandon Bridge was selected as the offensive player of the day. Offensive coordinator Robert Matthews praised Bridge for his work during Thursday’s practice and all of preseason camp. “Brandon had a good day today,” Matthews said. “He made some good throws. We had some different situational-periods with two-minute (drill) and third downs, and he made some really good decisions. He just continues to come out here and grind every day and try to make himself a better player, so I am happy to see that. There are times he shows things that are really, really good, and there are some times where he is still learning. But he just needs to take it one day at a time and continue to press. He will be fine.”

Defensive lineman Jerome McClain was selected the defensive player of the day. Defensive coordinator Travis Pearson tauted his consistency through camp so far. “Jerome has been really consistent and played really well through camp,” said Pearson. “I’m impressed with his conditioning. His play has increased. Everyone expects him to be the best. I expect him to work like he’s the best, and he’s doing that.”

Play of the day went to Marvin Shinn who caught a 20-yard touchdown pass from Bridge in the back corner of the end zone during the final team period on the final play of a two-minute drill.

Another big play was when transfer quarterback Hunter Vaughn ran for a 50-plus yard gain before it was whistled dead. At the time the first team was focusing on third-down conversions.

The team will practice once more on Friday prior to their 9AM scrimmage at Fairhope Municipal Stadium.


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