Practice Resumes After Off Day

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Head coach Joey Jones observes the Jaguars scrimmage on Saturday, August 15 2014 at St. Paul's Episcopal School.

Head coach Joey Jones observes the Jaguars scrimmage on Saturday, August 15 2014 at St. Paul’s Episcopal School.

The Jags returned to the practice field on Monday after their first day off in 12 days. They practiced for almost two hours in shells.

“Not bad,” Head coach Joey Jones described how the team responded to their first practice since their scrimmage on Saturday. “I thought the offense came out and executed really well again today, doing all the necessary things. We just have to make sure that we are a disciplined football team. Practice becomes monotonous at times, but if they can fall in love with the work and the details of practice then we have a chance to become better. We had a bunch of guys jumping offside today on defense, and in a game that’s a bunch of five-yard penalties. We’re in a cave right now, it’s dark and there’s no game next week so we have to just keep working.”

“I would say there are still a lot of positions up for grabs, there always are,” Jones answered when asked how many positions are up for grabs. “Especially with depth issues, we don’t know who our twos are right now in a lot of places. We have two or three guys fighting for that spot. We’re going to keep trying to put them in team situations where we can evaluate them better. On the defensive front we have to find guys who can play, we have five or six bodies who are working hard at it, but it will come down to the guys who can show us they can do it and that we can trust them.”

Offensive player of the day went to Steven Foster, who offensive coordinator said was working to elevate his game as he has been working with the ones and twos. “He is pushing through [camp]; he’s tough. Steven is assignment-sound, and is a guy we can depend on. He gained some valuable experience last year as a young player.” Foster is a sophomore this season.

Defensive player of the day went to Davin Hawkins. “Davin has gotten better since the spring, and coming off an injury he has worked his tail off,” Defensive coordinator Travis Pearson explained. “He is slowly but surely taking control of the defense, making all the calls, and I’m excited about that. I think he is going to have a big year this season if he continues doing the things he has been doing.”

Shavarez Smith came away with the play of the day after snagging a juggling catch from Brandon Bridge for a 20+ yard gain. While defensively Margo Reed also broke up a deep pass in one-on-one coverage with Smith. Xavier Johnson had the longest rush of the day with a 20+ yard gain after a nice cut-back past a defender. Jereme Jones also hauled in a long pass from Bridge on the first play of the second team period of the day.

The lone turnover came when Andrew Philon intercepted a deflected pass intended for receiver Nathan Sassaman.

Monday was also the first day of class for the University and 18 days until Kent State.


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