Jags Continue Prep For Saturday Scrimmage

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newjagsmallThe Jaguars hit the practice fields for another tune-up prior to the team’s first scrimmage on Saturday. They dressed in full pads and went for about 1.5 hours.

After practice head coach Joey Jones thought it was one of the most spirited practices they have had so far this year with regards to being mentally ready to practice. Jones called that a “championship-type practice.” However he was quick to point out that “champions do it every day and not just once every other day.”

Jones also said that he has seen lots of improvement from lots of players. He mentioned that they have players they did not think would be factoring in for playing time who are starting to factor into the equation. He pointed to the defensive unit as really improving and the offense continues to do really good things. “We just have to put it all together and keep working,” Jones said. “It’s always a work in progress. Perfection is never there. You have to keep striving to be perfect and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

With the first scrimmage quickly approaching on Saturday, Jones addressed how important the first scrimmage is to the team and the coaches. “The first scrimmage is always important from a depth-chart standpoint,” Jones explained. “Guys are vying for playing time because we’ll probably go one more week, and we’ll have to start getting guys ready for the first ballgame. It’s important to have all these little things we are working on fundamentally in practice to start coming together so we can execute.”

During the hour-and-a-half practice, among other things the team focused on the red zone passing game, open field 7-on-7 skeleton passing drills, and three separate team sessions.

The Offensive player of the Day was Chris May who offensive coordinator Robert Matthews explained that May did a very good job of helping the offense move the ball out of their own end zone. Plus he gave very good pass protection during play-action pass drills.

The Defensive player of the Day was Roman Buchanan. Defensive coordinator Travis Pearson said that he has progressed very well during preseason camp so far. “I think he is understanding the football-side of it just by being around Terrell (Brigham),” Pearson explained. “They are constantly communicating and studying together, and this kid has played through some bumps and bruises. He’s always showing up in crucial times.”

The play of the day went to defensive lineman Will Thompson who recovered a fumble and returned it 45 yards for a touchdown during the play-action drill. Thompson is returned after missing the entire 2013 season due to an injury suffered during preseason camp last year.

Other plays of note was Terrance Timmons and T.J. Glover both breaking 50+ yard runs during the team period. Both times the plays were blown dead prior to them reaching the end zone though.

The Jaguars will hold one more practice on Friday prior to their scrimmage scheduled for 9AM at St. Paul’s Episcopal school. According to coach Jones they expect to run around 130 plays with one’s-, two’s-, and three’s- all seeing playing time.


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