Jones Pleased With Wednesday’s Practice

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Pads_GlovesSouth Alabama took to the practice fields on Wednesday, which marked one week since they began preseason camp.

Head coach Joey Jones was pleased with Wednesday’s practice as he observed that his team seemed to be in great condition and that they are building up stamina and are not wearing down at the end of practice. A week ago they were getting tired and a couple guys needed IVs after cramping up. But one week in they are hydrating well and their offseason conditioning work is helping them get through practice each day.

Jones pointed out that they have a good group of seniors that understand what they need to do in order to win and are taking on leadership roles for the younger players.

The Offensive Player of the Day was Kendall Houston. Offensive coordinator Robert Matthews pointed out Kendall’s solid running on the day. During a team session at the end of practice, the offense was working on running out the clock with four-minutes remaining. Kendall moved the ball and got first downs.

Defensive player of the Day was Terrell Brigham. Defensive coordinator Travis Pearson calls Brigham the “quarterback of the defense.” He consistently works through aches, pains and cramps every day without complaints according to Pearson. “He has improved vastly in his knowledge of the game,” Pearson said. “He understands formations, concepts in the passing game and defending against the run. Just his overall knowledge is very good.”

Play of the day occurred in the final team session of the day. Brandon Bridge, facing third-and-five from their own 35 yard line, was looking to run out the clock but needed to convert in order to do so. Bridge found Wes Saxton for a 13-yard gain to move the chains and keep possession of the ball. “That was a really good throw and catch, that was the most critical play of the day,” coach Matthews said after practice. “We worked some third downs today, we had a really good session, but that was an unscripted play. It was a game-like scenario and we were able to convert. I was really happy to see that.”

Special teams continue to be worked on each practice. On Wednesday, both Aleem Sunanon and Grant McLaurin both attempted four field goals and both converted three of them. Each made a kick from 42-yards out. Early in the practice, they worked on kickoff returns while punt coverage was focused on in the final session.

The Jaguars will hold their another two-a-day practice on Thursday.


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