Jags Return To Practice Field After Spring Break

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After over a week off, the Jaguars returned to the practice fields to continue spring football practice.

They hit the fields at 6am to practice in some breezy conditions which affected certain aspects of practice. They worked on position and team drills covering virtually all aspects of play. A big premium this spring has been put on fundamentals and ball control. A couple of drills were practices that focused on holding onto the ball, which plagued the team last season.

The offense and defense both have been working to lay down the basics of their plans for the fall football season. Coaches will disect the video to evaluate players and make decisions on who will receive increasing numbers of reps in the remaining spring practices and when fall camp begins in August.

Coach Jones commented that the team came back with intensity after over a week off. “It was good,” head coach Joey Jones said after practice. “I thought we had a great practice. The kids came back ready to go. They really retained a lot of the things they have learned the first five practices, which was good. We added some stuff offensively and defensively, so we made progress today.”

In the first five practices, coach Jones said that he and his staff kept them really simple to focus on fundamentals and to easily retain what they worked on. Now they are building upon that foundation. “We actually added things in today, which was good because obviously there are areas we need to work on,” Jones explained. “The coaches have done a great job of presenting it in a progressive way where they could learn it, they are not just throwing things at the kids. The way the coaches are teaching has helped the players on the field.”

During the practice they worked on individual skill drills before the first team offense began working on screen plays, which was followed by inside run drills. During that time, wide receivers and defensive backs worked in one-on-one drills.

A period of 7-on-7 skeleton passing drills lasted around 15 minutes before a segment of full team work. During the full team workout, they practiced on first, second and third down plays.

Split up in different segments of practice they worked on different special teams as they focused on punts, punt returns and field goals. Scott Garber and Logan Gunn both had standout punts during the punting session. Coach Jones, Coach Vincent and a number of Graduate Assistants worked with the players during the special teams workouts since no one has been designated as the special teams coach.

The Jags only have a total of nine practice sessions left including their annual Red-Blue spring game at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Saturday, April 6. They will return to the practice field on Thursday morning at 6am, Saturday morning at 9:45am which Jones indicated would be a scrimmage and Sunday at 3pm at the practice fields on campus.

They have two practice sessions next week prior to another scrimmage on Saturday, March 30.


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  1. rob on March 20th, 2013 7:07 am

    Have the Jags ever had a bad practice?Thanks for the report.

  2. Brian on March 20th, 2013 7:19 am

    All of the practices have been pretty good. The first five were very fundamental so they could work on ball protection and so that Coach Sherrer could begin teaching his style of play and what he expects out of the defensive players.

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