Coach Ronnie Arrow Retires Effective Immediately, Jeff Price Takes Over As Interim Coach

December 19, 2012 · By · Filed Under Basketball 

The University of South Alabama will hold a press conference today at 3pm concerning the Jaguar Basketball program.

They have not released any further information about the press conference or what will be discussed. Matt Weaver will be covering the the press conference and will provide live updates from his twitter account as he is able.

Lots of speculation is being tossed around but nothing has been confirmed at this time. Visit and follow Matt on twitter for up-to-the-minute developments.


UPDATE 2:15pm: Unconfirmed report that Coach Ronnie Arrow is retiring and Assistant Coach Jeff Price will take over the head coaching duties for the remainder of the season.

UPDATE 2:45pm: More reports surfacing that Coach Ronnie Arrow isĀ retiring effective immediately, Jeff Price taking over as Interim head coach. Press conference at 3pm.

UPDATE 3:05pm: Dr. Joel Erdmann reads a written statement from Coach Ronnie Arrow announcing CRA’s retirment effective immediately with Jeff Price taking over as interim head coach. A national search committee will convene after the season to select his replacement. Erdmann said that the reason for retirment is personal in nature. Erdmann did not directly answer question if CRA’s retirment was performance related and said it was “no singular issue,” and “speculation is untrustworthy.” Team was “quiet, surprised” by announcement. Arrow informed team initially of his decision before telling Erdmann, thenĀ Erdmann then met with the team. Neither Arrow nor Price attended the press conference.


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