USA Ending QB Rotation Is The Right Decision

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Quarterbacks Trey Fetner and transfer Ross Metheny participating in position drills.

Press-Register and writer Tommy Hicks wrote an an article yesterday evening concerning South Alabama’s quarterback situation.

He was spot on.

He said that the coaching staff made the right decision to side-line the two-quarterback system and name a single quarterback as the starter for the Jags in Arkansas State. Each quarterback is comfortable with their own style and pace for things, but rotating those styles every three possessions has to cause some problems in the offense as a whole. Not to mention the difficulty that other players on offense have in trying to play consistently when quarterbacks are continually rotated.

As for if the right quarterback has been selected to be the starter, that will have to proven on the field. Right now, Ross Metheny knows he is the starter and will be getting the majority of the snaps in practice. It’s his job to keep. While C.J. Bennett will have to go above and beyond what he has done to earn his starting spot back while taking a reduced number of snaps in practice.

Bennett has shown flashes of brilliant play during his career at South Alabama, but he has also had quite a bit of criticism over decision making. Particularly last season when he threw 17 interceptions to only 7 touchdowns.

Sometimes it takes some adversity to make you rise to the occasion. Sometimes it takes some faith in a new face. Either way, the Jags want to win and they are trying to find that formula.

You can read the article here.


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