Troy Players Speak Out About South Alabama

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Troy players spoke with the Montgomery Advertiser and had some interesting things to say about the Jaguars. Previously Troy’s head coach Larry Blakeney had some choice words to say about the Jaguars before the season started, in particular how the Jags were unclassified in their first two seasons and only played teams that they could beat for the first two seasons (you can read the article here).

Troy Linebacker De’Von Terry said, “We can’t let the new guys just come and take over the Sun Belt. They have to earn their respect. They have to beat somebody, earn some championships. They can’t just come muscle us around.”

Quarterback Corey Robins said, “The first game is going to set the tone for the rivalry. We have to go down there and show them that we’re still here. Troy hasn’t fallen off. We have to play a good football game because they’re a good football team.”

Linebacker Kanorris Davis said, “It’s going to be as big as people want it to be. Everybody wants to win. This is our first time playing each other. It’s a new era. They’re welcoming the Sun Belt. We’re going to welcome them to the Sun Belt.”

Troy is also having to play ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ so to speak. Troy began making plans for a new football building after getting an up-close look at the Jaguars’ facilities for the 2010 GMAC Bowl.

Additionally, the Jags and the Trojans are recruiting the same players in the same areas. “We’re running into them all the time,” said Troy recruiting coordinator Randy Butler, whose primary territory includes Mobile. “The kids that we’re offering down there, they’re offering.”

Some Troy supporters may deny that a rivalry does not exist between South Alabama and Troy. But there has always been a rivalry between the two schools. It formed when South Alabama announced plans to start a football program and both schools began recruiting the same areas and the same players. It happened before the first whistle between the two school and before either school appeared on the others schedule.

All the denying is useless, embrace it but keep it positive. We have enough poisoned trees and name calling already in this state.

De’Von Terry is right, the Jags will have to earn their respect. The Jaguars have earned quite a bit of respect in their four years of existence, but they haven’t gotten that first FBS victory yet. Lets hope that it comes this weekend at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.


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