Jags Are Fine Tuning Their Gameplan For First Ever Sun Belt Game Against Troy

September 27, 2012 · By · Filed Under Football 

Head Coach Joey Jones talking with wide receiver Carr Tigner during preseason practice.

Head coach Joey Jones and his staff continued to install and fine tune their game plan for the Jaguars game against Troy University. This will be the Jaguars first game against a Sun Belt opponent and it just so happens to be a school just up the road from Mobile.

Much of practice on Wednesday was used to prepare for Saturday’s game and Coach Jones is pleased with the plan he and his staff have put together. But as with all plans, there is still some tweaking left to be done between now and Saturday. “We were kind of finalizing the gameplan,” Coach Jones said to the Press-Register on Wednesday. “What we’ve got to do as a staff is we’ve got to go narrow some things down to exactly what we want to do in the game. I think we’re getting there. I really like some of the things that we’re doing on both sides of the ball and special teams. The kids have fought hard. They’re a little tired this morning but the bottom line is they came out and worked and that’s what we want.”

So far this season most people have been focused on Troy’s offense, but Troy’s defense is pretty good too. We took a look at the statistical numbers for the Sun Belt Conference on Monday and Tuesday and pointed out where Troy ranked in those same categories.

Coach Jones understands that Troy is good on defense too. “The offense gets the glitz and the glamor because they’ve been doing extremely well with what they’ve done,” Coach Jones said to the Press-Register. “But Troy has always been known for defense. They know how to play defense, they play hard-nosed defense. They run to the football, they tackle and they play defense the way it’s supposed to be played. When I look at them on film I don’t see much difference but I think in the media people tend to look at the offense because they put up so many points and so many numbers. But they are very good on defense.”

But the Jaguar defense has played very well themselves. “We’ve played extremely well,” Jones said. “The staff has done a great job and the players have done a great job defensively. You win ballgames most of the time because you play good defense. We’ve got to continue to do that. Once we get it rolling offensively we’re going to be pretty good.”


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