How Do The Jags Stack Up In Sun Belt Statistics

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Jaguar Pat Moore closes in on Mississippi State quarterback Tyler Russell in the first quarter of the Jaguars 30-10 loss to the Bulldogs.

As the Jags head into their first Sun Belt game on Saturday against Troy University, they are competing well in the numbers game in the conference.  This weekend’s game appears that it could be a very good matchup between the two teams. The Jags strong defense versus the Trojans offense.

We will start with the positives for the Jaguars.

The Jags are tied for second in scoring defense with North Texas, behind Western Kentucky, allowing an average of 24.2 points per game. Troy is fifth allowing an average of 25.8 points per game. WKU, averages 23.2 points per game while Louisiana-Monroe is last with an average of 36.3 points per game.

In total defense the Jags are second behind WKU again, allowing an average of 314 yards per game. Through four games the Jags have allowed 488 rushing yards and 768 passing yards in 256 plays for a total of 1,256 yards. That averages out to 4.9 yards per play. Western Kentucky allows an average of 279.8 yards per game, Troy is ranked seventh allowing an average of 396.2 yards per game. Louisiana-Lafayette is last allowing an average of 508 yards per game.

In rushing defense, the Jags are again number two to Western Kentucky in the conference by only allowing an average of 122 yards per game. That breaks down to 488 yards on 136 attempts for an average of 3.6 yards per rush and only four rushing touchdowns. Western Kentucky allows an average of 112.5 yards per game while Troy is ranked eighth in the conference by allowing an average of 187.8 yards per contest. Florida Atlantic comes in last by allowing an average of 252.5 yards per game.

The Jaguars slip to third in the conference in passing defense behind Western Kentucky (167.2 yards per game) and Arkansas State (168.5 yards per game). The Jags allow an average of 192 yards per game with their opponents going a combined 68-of-120 for 768 yards and six touchdowns. Opponents are completed an average of 56.7 percent of their passes, which is also third in the conference. Troy ranks sixth allowing an average of 244 yards per game, but ranks first in completion percentage with opponents only completing 49.5 percent of their passes.

The Jaguars rebound to the top spot in the conference in pass defense efficiency with a rating of 120.3, barely edging out Western Kentucky who has a rating of 120.5. Troy comes in seventh with a rating of 142.4 with Florida Atlantic coming in last with a rating of 173.8.

South Alabama is second in the conference in kickoff returns with an average of 25 yards per return. Middle Tennessee State has the top spot in the conference with an average of 34.7 yards per kickoff return. Troy is next to last with an average of 17.8 yards per KO return and Louisiana-Monroe is last with 15.4 yards per KO return.

Similarly the Jags are second in punt return average with 11.2 yards per punt return. Western Kentucky is first with 14 yards per PR. Troy is seventh with 2.7 yards per PR with Florida Atlantic in last place with an average of -0.6 yards per PR.

The Jags are fifth in interceptions with four picks in as many games. North Texas is first with six, Troy is tied for last with MTSU with only one pick.

The Jags are in third place in punting with an average of 36.5 yards per punt. Louisiana-Lafayette is first with an average of 41 yards per punt with Troy in second place with an average of 39.5 yards per punt.

With a 71.4% mark, the Jags are in fourth place in field goal percentage with Troy right behind them in fifth place with a 60% mark.

The Jags are in first place in sacks by the defense with 11 through four games. Western Kentucky, who has been near the top in most defensive categories as well are in a near second place by one sack. Troy is tied for last place with Louisiana-Monroe with two sacks.

However the Jags are in last place in the sacks against category by giving up 12 sacks on Jaguar quarterbacks so far this season. MTSU is in first place as they have not allowed a sack on their quarterback. Troy is in a three-way tie with North Texas and Arkansas State with three sacks allowed.

South Alabama is in second place in fourth down conversions with a 75 percent average as they are 3-of-4 on fourth down. MTSU is in first place converting all five of their fourth down attempts. Troy is tied for fifth with North Texas converting on half of their attempts.

South is in third place in opponent penalty yardage per game and second place in number of opponent penalties per game. Jaguar opponents have committed 30 penalties so far this season with an average of 63.5 yards per game.

The final of the positive stats for the Jags is red zone defense. The Jags are in third place with a red zone average of 69.2 percent. WKU and North Texas are tied for first place with a 66.7 percentage mark. Troy is seventh with an 83.3 conversion percentage. The Jags have allowed nine scores in 13 trips into their red zone. Four of those scores have been touchdowns, three rushing and one passing. Opponents have converted 5-of-7 field goal attempts. They have one fumble recovery and a turnover on downs.

Now for the not-so-good statistics.

The Jaguar offense is in ninth place, next to last, in scoring offense with an average of 14.2 points per game. Through four games the Jags have six touchdows, five field goals and six PAT’s. Troy is in seventh place with a 25.2 points per game average. FAU averages 12.8 points per game to come in last place.

Again, the Jags are in ninth place in total offense. The Jaguar offense averages 312 yards per game. Arkansas State is in first place with 517.2 yards per game while Troy is thired with an average of 498.8 yards per game. Again FAU came in last place with 277.8 yards per game.

Rushing offense sees the Jaguars in last place with an average of 102.5 yards per game. Arkansas State is in first place in this category with 267 yards per game with Troy coming in seventh place with 163.2 yards per game.

The Jaguar offense comes in eighth place with an average of 209.5 yards per game. Troy is in first place with an average of 335.5 yards per game. South edges out North Texas (183 ypg) and FAU (160 ypg).

As expected, the Jaguars passing efficiency comes in dead last in the conference with a 112.3 efficiency. Western Kentucky comes in first place with a 158.6 while Troy comes in fourth with a 133.3 efficiency.

After the Jaguars rough kickoff coverage performance against Mississippi State, the Jags are in ninth place in kickoff coverage in the conference. The Jags average 36.3 net average. They barely edge out WKU who has a 36.0 average. Louisiana-Lafayette comes in first place with a 44.1 average and Troy in second place with a 43.4 average.

With 71 total first downs, the Jags are tied for seventh in the Sun Belt with MTSU. Arkansas State leads the way with an 108 and an average of 27.0 per game. Troy is in fifth with 75 for an average of 18.8  per game.

As expected, the Jags are in last place in third-down conversions with a mere 29.3 percent conversion average. Western Kentucky leads this category with a 52.9 percent mark with Troy in second place with a 50 percent average.

The Jaguars are in seventh place in the conference with an average of 61.2 yards per game of penalty yards. Overall, the Jags are in sixth place in the number of penalties they are flagged for this season. Troy is dead last in both with 36 flags called on them and 76.5 yards per game.

Leading the time of possession stat is Louisiana-Monroe with an average of 35:19 per game. Troy is in seventh place with an average of 29:36 per game and the Jags are in eighth place with a 29:07 average.

Again in last place, the Jags have a turnover margin of -7 on the season for an average of -1.75 per game. Louisiana-Lafayette is on top with a +6 turnover margin with Troy in ninth place with a -6 turnover margin.


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