Ross’ Lingering Knee Injury Career Ending

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Brandon Ross watching the Jaguars taking on UTSA on Saturday, September 1, 2012.

South Alabama running back Brandon Ross’ career appears to be over. Ross was working to return to the field after missing a year and a half following a knee injury and two surgeries.

Ross had looked good in preseason practices and scrimmages, even breaking a 55 yard touchdown in one of the scrimmages. He complained of occasional pain and soreness but he and doctors had said he would have to work through it and that it would get better.

Prior to the game on Saturday against UTSA, Ross had began experiencing more trouble with his knee. However, on Saturday he stood on the sideline only dressed out in his jersey and sweatpants.

“I think he’s done,” head coach Joey Jones said when asked about Ross’ status after the game on Saturday. “We had pretty much decided he would have to have a little more surgery again and I don’t think he wants to go through that again, so I think he’s going to hang it up. It was a little bit (of a surprise). He had performed well in the scrimmage but we knew he had been having some issues with the knee. I think it’s the best decision for him. I tell you, he’s a heck of a young man and I really respect his decision.”

Before his injury, Ross led the Jaguars in rushing in 2009 and up to the injury in 2010. Ross transferred to South Alabama after playing his freshman season at Memphis.


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