Brendt Bedsole Glad To Be Back Coaching Again

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The South Alabama football program’s newest on-field coach, Brendt Bedsole, has been waiting for this opportunity for about three seasons. Bedsole joined the program as the director of football operations but he said his true calling was to be on the field.

He last coached in 2008 which was his second year as an assistant coach for Hoover High School. Prior to that he served as a graduate assistant, Student assistant at Auburn, Trinity High, Murray State and Samford.

Bedsole is back coaching, but not the way he envisioned. The unexpected death of former assistant coach Kurt Crain hit the players and staff, including Bedsole, very hard.

When Head coach Joey Jones hired Bedsole for the director of football operations shortly after he was hired to start football at South Alabama, he let Coach Jones know that he was very interested in getting back to coaching when the opportunity arose.

“That was my original hope and I let that be known to coach Jones,” Bedsole said. “That’s where I feel more comfortable. It’s my natural position. It’s what I got into this profession to do, to coach on the field and affect young men’s lives. Not just coach them football but to teach them about other things outside the white lines, things about life and how to be a good daddy and be a good husband. … Not that I couldn’t do that as a football operations director, but you get more of a personal relationship with your players when you coach them on a day-in and day-out situation.”

Bedsole is thankful for his position to be back coaching again. “There’s 124 FBS teams and nine assistant coaches on each team,” he said. “The odds of getting one of these jobs is pretty slim. I’ve sat down before and done the math. There’s only 1,116 such jobs in the United States and I have one of them. That makes it pretty special. And I don’t take it for granted. Coaching isn’t a job, it’s a calling. It’s something I couldn’t get out of my system.”


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  1. George Barefield on August 22nd, 2012 4:18 pm

    Congradulations good things happen to good people.

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