Coach Jones Q&A With C Spire CIRCLE Blitz A Success

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Coach Joey Jones was the first participant in the C Spire CIRCLE Blitz College Football Question and Answer series on Monday where several area coaches answered questions posed by fans online. Here are a few questions answered by Coach Jones.

  • Do you see any true freshman being on the two-deep roster? “Yes. Cam Broadnax at WR. Possibly Daniel Aust at guard.”
  • Was the move to a more spread offense necessary to be able to score easier on the deffenses in the Sun Belt; if not then why the switch? “Personnel was the main reason…Also creating a tempo offense which I am accustomed to.”
  • Fans will want to look at this year’s win/loss record as the determining factor of “success.” What would you consider to be a successful year this year? And, what do you think is the players’ definition of a successful season? On a related note, are the coaches and players aware of the recent changes to this year’s bowl eligibility requirements, and how South Alabama now has the possibility of being bowl eligible this year? What has been the reaction to this? Used as further motivation? “That’s a great question…I know we are picked to win 2 games by most. I don’t want to settle for less though. We just need to prepare every game, regardless of how people say we match up on paper. Second part…Yes, it is a big motivation for us to have a “chance” to get to a bowl.”
  • What are the current plans for any further facility upgrades/construction? Are there plans in place to further improve on what we already have, which would likely further carry over and help in recruiting? “Not much on the table…but there will always be talk @ an on-campus stadium and indoor facility. Would be tremendous in recruiting.”
  • To echo a previous question: What factored into the decision to move to a spread, up-tempo offense? Was it based on available personnel, conference, or something else entirely? How well do you think the players on offense have adjusted to the new scheme? Do you think they are “almost there” or will it still be a major learning process as the season progresses? “First of all, the offensive staff and players have totally bought in to the new offense. I am extremely happy where we are at this point…we are not a finished product yet, but I have seen tons of progress. The tempo offense is also an equalizer in my opinion.”
  • Coach with Navy and Tennessee on your schedule next year, how do you feel the program is progressing in to a ncaa school like Alabama, LSU just to name a few? “To be the best, we have to play the best. We will continue to play those types of schools to make us better.”
  • With your all of those running backs, do you think you’ll be able to find carries for everybody, or will you try to find a couple of workhorse backs? “We are trying to find guys who can do it all…but if they can’t, we need to give them more specialized packages. It’s too early to tell the amount that each back will get.”

Thanks to C Spire for hosting this Q&A session and thanks to Coach Jones for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer questions for the fans.

Go Jags!


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