Players Report Wednesday, Coach Jones Quotes

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Coach Jones

Head coach Joey Jones working with the field goal unit during South Alabama’s Scrimmage on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

The players are scheduled to report today and they will participate in their first preseason practice on Thursday at 6:30pm at the Jaguar Practice Facility. Below are more quotes from head football coach Joey Jones.

“The thing you look at as we go into Division I is obviously we have a tough schedule and we really respect all the teams we’re going to play. But I also have a lot of respect for our team and our staff and everyone involved in our football organization and the price they’ve paid to get us where we are. It’s an exciting time for us.”

“The thing is, to get better you’ve got to play the best. I think we’re at the point where we’re playing the best. This is going to be the toughest schedule we’ve played, and I’m excited to see our kids step up to the challenge.”

“If our offensive and defensive lines will hold up, we’ll be in pretty good shape. I think a lot of pressure will be put on those guys, as it always is, to be successful. I think our team’s success will definitely be on their shoulders, but I tell them that every year.”

“It’s good to feed off the excitement. There’s no doubt that the kids are excited about this season. But then you look at 13 games in 14 weeks, you’ve got to be steady in what you do. You can’t get too high or too low at any point in the season.”

“You realize you play N.C. State, then Mississippi State, then Troy and then Arkansas State. You start looking at a run like that and there’s no way you can play that roller-coaster game. You’ve got to stay steady. I think that’s up to our team to learn, and it’s something we’re stressing with the staff.”

“(Only one open date) is going to be different for us and it’s something we’ve anticipated and worked on in the offseason to get the players to understand what type of deal we’re going to be in. We’re going to have to do a good job of monitoring that and monitoring our team’s health and their legs and even their mental side. We’ve got to be smart about what we do.”

“One of the big things I think for me and the staff and our players is the fact we’ll be able to measure ourselves against people in our conference. When you’re not in a conference, you kind of play for wins and losses and that’s all well and good. But when you come up against competition against other teams in your conference, that’s what it’s all about. That makes you competitive. It makes you competitive in recruiting, it makes you competitive on the field and every day you’ve got to get better. That’s something that excites me and I know it excites everyone else that’s involved.”

“(Thursday’s first practice) is going to be fun. I was able to get away and get some time off, but all of a sudden now you’re ready to get back. It’s been a good break for everyone, and we’re ready to go to work.”

Continue checking back as Thunderjags covers preseason camp and the entire season.


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