2011 Spring Practice Starts Monday

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South Alabama Head Football Coach Joey Jones recently remarked that this has been the best off-season he has had. There is no better time to hear such words, considering the Jags will step up to visit two FBS teams this season in Kent State and North Carolina State.

Just to break down the line of scrimmage between these two teams as it stands right now according to the spring rosters,  the average offensive lineman for NC State weighs 296.63 lbs while their average defensive lineman weighs 241.92 lbs. The average for the Jaguars offensive line is 290.29 lbs while the average defensive lineman weighs 252.5 lbs. The difference is that the Jaguars defensive line is outweighed, on average, by 44.13 lbs per player. While the NC State defensive line is outweighed by an average of 48.37 lbs per player.  The NC State offensive line outweighs the Jaguar offensive line by an average of only 6.34 lbs per player, but the Jaguar defensive linemen outweigh the NC State defensive linemen by an average of 10.58 lbs per player.

What does this mean? Right now, not a whole lot actually. It does mean that South Alabama is getting players of equivalent size to FBS teams on the offensive and defensive lines. Coach Jones and his staff have done a great job with the players that they have brought in so far. They did go out and beat a much larger Hargrave team in their first game as a team and they haven’t looked back since. They faced good teams in Georgia State and UC-Davis last season and were able to show their determination and character by coming from behind in both games, most impressively against UC-Davis.

Several of the new recruits are already enrolled and will be practicing this spring. But the rest will join the team in the summer for fall camp. Brandon Ross will not be practicing as he continues to rehab his knee. BJ Scott will also be sitting out the spring practice while he recovers from his ankle surgery. At this time I do not know the progress of Darrow Fisher on his knee rehab, however the last time Coach Jones spoke he was very doubtful about Fisher’s ability to participate this spring. Another unknown is Ray Cotton’s availability this spring after his surgery to repair his torn labrum in his throwing shoulder, but he should definitely be ready by fall camp.

I know I cannot wait to get out there and watch some spring practice and I hope you are too. Continue checking back for more reports on South Alabama sports.


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