Coach Joey Jones Show Recap 2010-11-02

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Pat Greenwood interviews Coach Joey Jones at halftime of the Jaguars win over Georgia State.

Coach Jones and Lee Shirvanian were joined by coach Chuck Dunn Baumhower’s Restaurant for the show today and started by mentioning Coach Jones status in the Libery Mutual Coach of the Year poll online. For a while he was hovering around second and third but has fallen to eighth currently ahead of Tom O’Brien, Jim Tressel, Kirk Ferentz, Chip Kelly and Chris Petersen. So keep voting for coach Jones to keep him in the top 15 to move onto the Evaluation phase.

Coach Jones has mentioned that they have been fortunate to have great weather this year. Today was only about the second practice that they have had in the rain, which is quite odd for the rainiest places in the country.

Lee asked about the injuries from last week and Coach Jones had to give the bad news that Tim Harvey, who intercepted two passes in the victory over Georgia State, is done with a torn ACL. He is the second defensive back to tear and ACL and the third player on the team to do so this year. Brandon Ross tore his ACL a couple games ago. Harvey in a senior so this injury will end his collegiate career, but Coach Jones mentioned that he would make a great football coach due to his communication skills and his knowledge of the game. So you could possibly see him in another role at USA or elsewhere in the future. Other than Harvey’s injury, everyone should be available to play this weekend. They only have the usual bumps and bruises.

Lee asked special teams work and if the Jags have spent some extra time on them this week. Coach Jones indicated that Coach Perry has been working with them some more this week trying to correct some things that has allowed Jaguar opponents to get some big returns as well as a turnover that lead to points for Georgia State.

Another question from Lee had to do with playing CJ Bennett for the entire game against the Panthers. This was the first time this season that one quarterback played the entire game and CJ’s first start of his collegiate career. Lee asked if they would go with him for the entire game this week. Coach Jones answered that they probably would, but they do want to work Myles into the game. But Bennett’s play against Georgia State was very good and as coach Jones said, “He had that look about him.” So they left him in the game and he did very well.

The reason for his start against Georgia State was that, in high school, he ran a four wide offense and was very used to taking the snap and getting rid of the ball quickly. He also had to make reads on the fly so that translated well to what he was going to see against Georgia State.

Lee asked Coach Dunn who played well against Georgia State at his position, outside linebacker. Coach Dunn said that Clifton Crews was his player of the game because he did very well in coverage and held his guy to no catches. But he was quick to give praise to all of his guys because they all did very well.

After the first break, Lee asked coach Dunn to share what he is looking for in an outside linebacker as opposed to an inside linebacker. He said that they have to be more versatile because he has to be able to drop into coverage, rush the quarterback and be able to stop the outside run. So Coach Dunn wants players who are able to run and have good footwork, but they also have to be able to move in space.

Next Lee asked about adjustments made after Georgia State came out and was doing well with the short passes over the middle. Coach Jones deferred to Coach Dunn to answer. Coach Dunn said that they came into the game with the intention of rushing four guys and play some zone around that. On the first series they were taking their receivers and crossing them about three or four yards off of the line. So after the first series Coach Clark, Dunn and others talked it over and decided to go with man-to-man coverage which effectively took away all of the crossing routes for the Panthers.

The last two weeks, the Jags have seen teams come out and throw the ball early and often against the defense, which should be the same this week with Henderson State. So Lee asked what they plan to do defensively to combat that. Coach Dunn said that they are going to do similar schemes with quite a bit of man-to-man.

The first email question was about how winning against teams like Lamar, Georgia State and UC-Davis would affect recruiting. Obviously, winning helps recruiting but winning against more high-profile teams helps even more. Additionally with games on the road, it helps to get awareness of the program out in those areas.

Lee asked how a team like Georgia State can play against Alabama and the game count for them, while USA cannot play a Division I team and have the game count towards their win-loss record. Coach Jones answers by saying that since Georgia State is destined to play in Division I-AA they have different rules for them than Division I. The NCAA has a moratorium for teams that want to go to Division I as a bit of a deterrent for them to do so. But since USA decided that it was in their best interests to go ahead, they are finishing up the second year of the moratorium and will then be classified as a Division I-AA school next year and would then count towards a Division I schools win-loss record.

Lee then asked the question that I emailed, although it was an easier question. I asked how recruiting was going and if USA was getting more interest from highly rated (IE 4 and 5 star) recruits. Coach Jones said that we are. He continued by stating that there is a definite different in the type of recruit they are getting.

First off, he said that they are being much more picky. They are not going to go after a player unless they are better than the caliber of player they already have and they are not going to sign them. Secondly, there is much more interest in the program and it’s only going to grow as USA plays at Kent State and NC State. They have some pretty good players on the board that have verbally committed to South Alabama.

Lee followed up by asking what positions were they recruiting for? Where their biggest need is on the team? Obviously the defensive secondary was mentioned as well and inside and outside linebackers, especially with Justin Dunn and Charlie Higgenbotham being Seniors, they will need a couple good players to fill their shoes. Coach Jones also mentioned that they are looking for defensive ends since they have plenty of big inside guys, they need some of the rush-type ends. Offensively, they are pretty good, but he wants to sign about three more offensive linemen. As Coach Jones has said before, he does not believe that you can have too many offensive linemen.

Lee also mentioned a highly rated running back who was kicked off the team at Georgia who will be transferring to South Alabama and will be competing in the spring. Coach Jones said they talked with the coaches at Georgia and his high school coaches and felt good about giving him a second chance. Georgia was going to pull his redshirt and put him at tailback this season, which goes to show their confidence in the kid.

Lee also mentioned Coach Jones has written a book. It was about Coach Bryant’s last years coaching and the transition to Coach Perkins, his successor.

Coach Jones was asked about how Georgia State will do against Alabama. He pretty much said they have no shot, but he was quick to say that that would go for USA as well.


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