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The Jaguar defense lines up against the Lamar offense early in the first quarter of the Jags 26-0 win.

It seems like this keeps being said week after week, but when building a program from scratch and gradually increasing the strengths of your opponents in measured steps, it becomes repetitive. However the schedule was thought over and debated by the coaches and administration as to how to continually progress this program. So when you hear or read that the upcoming opponents of the Jaguars is the their biggest challenge, it’s true.

This week is no different. UC-Davis presents the next step in South Alabama’s progression and will be their biggest test to date. So, lets break the numbers down.

UC-Davis, as a team, averages 19 points per game while giving up 27.2 points per game to their opponents. The Aggies have 86 first downs on the season and is average 14.3 per game with about 65% of their first downs coming through the air. Their opponents have 117 first down on the season, which is an average of 19.5 per game and only 10 more first downs through the air than on the ground.

The Aggies have given up 1028 yards rushing on the season for an average of just over 171 yards per game while only rushing for 447 yards themselves for an average of 74.5 yards per game. However, through the air, the numbers are more even. The Aggies have 1207 yards with an average of just over 201 yards per game while their defense has given up 1,292 yards with an average just over 215 yards per game.

So, the Aggies average 275.7 yards of total offense while giving up 386.7 yards per game. The Aggies average 4.7 yards per play whiel the opponents average just over a yard more with 5.8 yards per play.

The Aggies handle the ball pretty well by only fumbling the ball nine times and losing only six of them. Defensively they have forced 13 fumbles while recovering six of them as well for a 0 turnover differential in fumbles.
Aggies quarterbacks are 108-for-189 for a completion average of just over 57% with seven touchdowns and four interceptions. The opposing quarterbacks are 102-for-176 for a completion average just under 58% with nine touchdowns and three interceptions. Thus the Aggies have a -1 turnover differential passing and a -1 in overall turnover differential.

Time of possession between the Aggies and their opponents is also pretty equal with 28:21 for the Aggies and 31:39 for their opponents.

UC-Davis has a 3rd down conversion percentage of 29% going 22-of-75 and a 4th down conversion percentage of 43% going 3-of-7 on the season. Their opponents has a 3rd down conversion percentage of 39% going 35-of-90 while also having a 4th down conversion percentage of 62% on 5-of-8 attempts.

The Aggies offensive line gives up an average of just over one sack per game with a total of eight sacks on the season for 51 yards. The Aggie defense has sacked the quarterback an average just under two a game wiht 11 for the season for 85 yards.

UC-Davis has been in the red zone 17 times and scored 15 times for an average of 88% of the time, 59% of the time they score touchdowns. Their opponents have been in the red zone 24 times and have scored 20 times for an 83% average with 45% of them being touchdowns.

In the Aggies two home games, they have averaged 9,294 fans.

Scoring wise, UC-Davis has started out and ended games on the slow side and only scoring 35% of their points in those two quarters. The second and third quarter scoring is almost dead even. Defensively, the Aggies come out the opposite. They are strong in the first and last quarters but give up most of their points in the second and third quarters. Opponents have scored 33% of their points in the first and last quarters.

Individually the Aggies leading rusher is Josh Reese with 268 yards on 67 attempts for two touchdowns and an average of 44.7 yards per game. Nick Aprile is thier only other back in double digits with 188 yards on 47 carries for four touchdowns and averaging 37.6 yards per game.

The Aggies top receiver is Sean Creadick with 34 receptions for 429 yards and one touchdown while averaging 71.5 yards per game. Dean Rogers has 18 receptions for 247 yards and three touchdowns while averaging 41.2 yards per game. Anthony Soto has 16 catches for 154 yards and no touchdowns while Josh Reese also has 16 catches for 108 yards and a touchdown. The other receivers each have less than 10 receptions each and less than 100 yards on the season.

Aggie kickers have attempted nine field goals and have made eight of them. The kick returners average under 20 yards per return, none have gone for a touchdown. Punt returners have had only three attempts, one has returned two for an average of six yards while the other has returned once for 24 yards. However the Aggie punt team has allowed a punt return for a touchdown.

The Aggies schedule started out with a lopsided loss to Cal 52-3 followed by another loss against Portland State 41-33 but they rebounded at U of San Diego for the 38-24 win then lost again on the road at Weber State 20-9, but have since reeled off two consecutive wins again Division I-A San Jose State on the road (14-13) and South Dakota (17-13) for homecoming.

On the other hand, the Jags have some pretty big numbers to throw around. But the most concerning number right now is that they are 18-of-61 on third down conversions which averages out to be 30%. While in the last two games, against Lamar and Missouri S&T, they combined to go 7-of-32 or a mere 21.8% on 3rd down conversions. Obviously, they have faced stiffer opponents in these two games but this is still a bit of a concerning statistic going into a big game for the program.

The team flies out of Mobile at 9am on Friday morning with kickoff against UC-Davis is 2pm Pacific time which is their normal 4pm central time here in Mobile. You can listen to the game on 105.5FM WNSP with the pregame starting at 3pm with Lee Shirvanian and Pat Greenwood. Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for score updates. You can follow us at http://www.twitter.com/usathunderjags



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