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Quarterback Brennan Sim receives the Offensive player of the game away after the Jags defeat Edward Waters College in the Wiregrass Football Classic in Dothan, Alabama.

South Alabama quarterback, Ray Cotton, had successful surgery on his throwing shoulder Coach Joey Jones announced. Cotton, a transfer from Ole Miss, who has reported had a torn Labrum since high school.

The labrum is a cuff of cartilage that helps to compensate for the shallow shoulder socket. It circles the shallow shoulder socket to make the socket deeper and makes the joint much more stable and allows for a very wide range of movements. It is thick tissue that is susceptible to injury with trauma to the shoulder joint like one could suffer playing football.

Coach Jones said that it was obvious that it was causing problems. Some of the tell-tale signs was that Cotton was throwing low to receivers and his throwing motion was off such that he was not bringing his elbow up to shoulder level. Also there was some pain when he threw the ball.

According to Coach Jones, Cotton should be ready in four months, just in time for spring practice.

When asked about Brandon Ross’ recovery, he said that if they allow the swelling and inflamation to go down before performing surgery, he should be able to recover in about six months. So he would probably miss spring practice, but he would be able to work out over the summer and be ready by fall camp.

Coach Jones also mentioned that Brennan Sim was a little dinged up in the Missouri game but has checked out okay with the medical staff. He actually practiced this morning with the team and will be ready to play on Saturday. However, Coach Jones did say that they will have to get the point across to the Jaguar quarterbacks that they need to slide more and take less hits.


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