South Alabama’s First Scrimmage of 2010 Preseason Coverage

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T.J. Glover running down the sideline on his 79 yard reception.

The defense started the scrimmage by allowing a 70 yard touchdown pass from Myles Gibbon to Lamontis Gardner but the defense would come back stronger after that by not allowing another score for the next seven series.

The defense would intercept two passes and recover a fumble during the seven series, scoreless stretch by the offense. C.J. Bennett would lead the offense to drive from mid field to score. However, the touchdown pass went through the intended receivers hands short of the end zone but Bryant Lavendar would catch it in the end zone for the touchdown.

After a break, the offense came back with something to prove. The offense, lead by Gibbon, would see three holding calls on the opening drive of the second half. However they worked hard and eventually put the ball into the end zone. T.J. Glover made it into the end zone twice but each were called back on holding penalties. Hill eventually got the ball into the end zone.

There would be three more touchdowns by the offense with two of them being keyed off of big plays. Santuan McGee had a 42 yard touchdown and 79 yard reception by T.J. Glover set up the offense for another score.

Myles finished 6 of 8 for 119 yards and two touchdowns. C.J. Bennett went 7 of 13 for 162 yards and two touchdowns and an interception. T.J. Glover had two catches for 106 yards. Corey Besteda, Lemantis Gardner and Ralph Turner all had multiple receptions. Brandon Ross only rushed twice for 23 yards. Cotton and Ellis Hill both had 17 yards rushing.

Enrique Williams lead the team in tackles and added an interception. Bryson James added three stops and an interception as well. Kendell Bagnerise and Rodney Thomas both recorded sacks with Thomas.

Watch the video of Coach Jones’ speaking after the scrimmage in our previous post by clicking here. Plus check out and for coverage of the post scrimmage talk as well.

Full Scrimmage Coverage

The Jaguars first scrimmage went very well. Lots of players got to get on the field but, by the same token, trying to get so many players time on the field some of the play was a little sloppy. However, the players are still making progress.

At least three Jaguars did not participate in the scrimmage due to nagging injuries. Linebackers Justin Dunn and Jake Johnson sat out due to ankle sprains while Romelle Jones will be out for about three weeks with a sprained knee.

Beginning the scrimmage was kickoff coverage with both Michel Chapuseaux and  Jordan Means. Chapuseaux averaged better than Means with most of his kicks being inside the 10. T.J. Glover returned one kick and Ralph Turner returned the second.

The first two plays saw Brennan Sim run the offense from their own two yard line just trying to get the ball away from the end zone. Next was C.J. Bennett who ran three plays doing something similar.

Next was three punt drills with Scott Garber punting the first and third plays and Jordan Means kicking the second try. Coach Jones and Perry used T.J. Glover and Bryant Lavender on punt returns, each returning one punt each. The third punt  was from near the 50 yard line trying to down the ball deep, however a mixup allowed the ball into the end zone for a touchback.

The first regular offensive series saw Myles Gibbon find Lamontis Gardner open over the middle for a 70 yard touchdown leaving the defense scratching their heads early. Chapuseaux added the extra point.

Next was C.J. Bennett’s turn and did not do much. The defense covered well and sacked him once. Raymond Cotton then came on and the first play was a draw play which saw Darrow Fisher get injured. This potentially bad injury happened at a position that the Jags coaching staff are particularly worred about, the secondary.

Cotton’s next two plays were a short gain and a first down scamper before a fumbled exchange between him and the running back ended his series when Ucambre Williams recovered it for the defense.

Brennan Sim began his series on his own 30 yard line. He completed a short pass then handed off for another short gain then he threw and interception that was picked off by linebacker Bryson James.

The next three snaps were punts that were handled by Garber, Means and Garber again. Returners were Jereme Jones, T.J. Lawrence and Jones again.

Bennett ran the next series with two consecutive runs then a pass over the middle. The defense was then penalized for offsides but on the next play Bennett was picked off by linebacker Enrique Williams.

Cotton ran the next series with a couple incomplete passes and hand-offs before giving the ball up on fourth down.

Myles returned to the field by starting at mid-field. Gibbon handed-off to Turner for a loss of a yard then another hand off to Brandon Ross gained about 17 yards for a first down. Then Gibbon had a couple incomplete passes and hand-off’s but could not muster a first down. Coach Jones called on the Chapuseaux who made a 46 yard field goal.

Bennett returned to the field and found Corey Besteda for a 25 yard completion. But the very next play he was sacked for a seven yard loss. A hand-off netted a very short gain but then Bennett found Lamontis Gardner for a first down. He then threw an incomplete pass on a bootleg right, which was well defended. Then he was forced to run for a couple yards. His seventh play was a pass near the goal line which was tipped and safely fell into another receivers arms for a touchdown. Means followed with the extra point.

Again starting from mid-field, Cotton went under center. After a short run and a screen pass he was looking at third and 11. His pass fell incomplete and ended the first half of the scrimmage.

After the intermission, Myles returned to the field to lead the offense. The first play was an incomplete pass but this was followed up by a hand-off to Santuan McGee who made it into the end zone only to be called back by a hold. Gibbon then found Courtney Smith open for a 15 yard completion. Again a hand-off to Santuan McGee who made almost into the end zone again but was called back for a hold. Myles then completes a pass and the defense was called for a penalty putting the ball near the goal line. A QB sneak by Gibbon put another touchdown up for the offense. Means followed with the extra point.

Bennett started his series from the 20 yard line with a hand-ff to Ellis Hill for about two yards. Another hand-off netted another two yards or so. Bennett then ran the ball down to the eight yard line for a first and goal. Bennett than handed-off to Ryan Scott for a short gain then went back to him on another run, which he scored on. Lawson McGlon added the extra point.

Cotton lead the offense on the next series. He started with a short gain on a QB draw. After a short loss on a hand-off, Cotton ran again but failed to get a first down. Means attempted a 32 yard field goal but kicked it low and left and missed it.

The Jags then ran two kickoff plays with Chapuseaux and Means kicking once each.

Sim ran the next offensive series and started with an eight yard completion. His next passing attempt went incomplete. Then on third and short he handed the ball to Santuan McGee who ran for a 42 yard touchdown. McGlon added the extra point.

C.J. Bennett then lead the offense on the next series. He started with a five yard run but a hold negated it. A couple plays later and C.J. ran the ball on consecutive plays but could not make a first down.

Cotton ran the next three plays with an incomplete pass on a bootleg to his right, a hand-off for about four yards then another incomplete pass.

Myles returned to the field and handed-off to Kendall Houston for a short gain from the eight. Gibbon then connected with Kevin Helms for a short two yard gain. On third and goal, Gibbon found Ryne Baxter open in the end zone for another touchdown. Chapuseaux added the extra point.

C.J. Bennett ran the next series starting at his own eight yard line. He found T.J. Glover open coming across the middle, then Glover turned it on and went down the left sidelines a gain of about 79 yards. Bennett then missed on his next two passes before finding Corey Waldon for the touchdown. McGlon added the extra point.

Cotton’s next series was a goal line situation with a short run by the running back and a short QB sneak. Then Cotton found Jared Palmer for the touchdown. Chapuseaux added the extra point.

Then to end the practice, coach Jones had the kickers kick a succession of quick field goals. Chapuseaux hit on kicks of 37, 44 and 47. Means first attempt had a bad snap then he missed from 37 and 44 yards with both kicks being wide left. McGlon’s first attempt was faked with the pass completed short of the end zone. McGlon then made a 44 yard attempt to end the scrimmage.


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