Coach Kittrell Confirms His Retirement

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It was confirmed on Wednesday that Coach Steve Kittrell will retire after the 2011 season, the last year of his contract with South Alabama. Coach Kittrell said that he and his wife Carol have been discussing retirement the last four years or so. He decided that he was “tired of going back to his motel room alone after a 3-2 loss.”

Joel Erdmann, South Alabama Athletic Director and a former assistant to coach Kittrell in the mid 90’s, said that the coaching search is ‘wide open’. They also hope to have Kittrell’s successor named and to serve as his assistant coach and coach-in-waiting for the 2011 season. This is being done as an effort to maintain recruiting continuity in the highly competitive college baseball realm.

Erdmann will spearhead the search and as he said, “It’s a marquee job int he sport of college baseball, there’s going to be some heads turned, and there are heads turned. We’re going to have different types of coaches from various backgrounds that are going to take a run at this thing.” Also speaking about having the coach-in-waiting, he said “We need to have the ability to get into homes soon and clarify the situation and say, ‘Next year, your son will be playing for me.”

Coach Kittrell salary of $125,000 will likely be comprable to what the new coach’s salary would be. Additionally the new coach will be required to have a college degree which will eliminate some candidates.

Some former South Alabama major league players Mike Mordecai and Turner Ward have been mentioned as potential replacement candidates. However neither have a degree from South Alabama.

Tony David has been mentioned as well and he is a former USA players who is the associate head coach at Samford. Scot Sealy was stressed by Kittrell should be considered. Kittrell also mentioned that other former players should be considered as well.


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