January 11 Vanguard Poll Question Post

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Your vote can now be heard by by posting below with the best comment appearing in the January 18th issue of The Vanguard.

If you wish to be published in the paper, please leave your first name and which class year you represent.

Thanks for voting and please continue reading the Vanguard and Thunderjags.com.

~~~ Admin Edit:
We have had a few complaints that the poll above is, for reasons not yet known, not visible to some users. Because of this, we are posting the questions below, and you are welcome to leave your response in the comments section.

Poll Question: The January 11 Vanguard Sports Poll asked which scenario is best for South Alabama athletics:

  • A move to conference USA
  • Staying in the Sun Belt


2 Responses to “January 11 Vanguard Poll Question Post”

  1. winklestein on January 13th, 2010 4:33 pm

    In my opinion South Alabama is located in a city that would allow it to surpass Conference USA as well as the Sun Belt. Most Sun Belt schools are located in the middle of nowhere and that goes for most conference USA schools as well. South is located in a metropolitan spot that allows for more revenue. In the future, I could see a jump from the Sun Belt to a much larger conference such as the Big East or a modified ACC. It may seem far fetched now, but South is in the prime spot to jump into one of those conferences and once the athletics get up to par there is a possibility of being invited into a larger conference.

  2. winklestein on January 17th, 2010 9:16 pm

    I’m a senior.

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