Jags Continue Preparation For Army Prep

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South Alabama has started early in preparation for their game against Army Prep on September 26. Most teams do not get three weeks between games, but since this is the Jaguars first season with a limited number of games it worked out that way. So Coach Jones and his staff have started working on things the team can do better from the first game and preparing for the unusual offense they will see on the field.

The Jaguar offensive practice has been centered around red zone work, something that Coach Jones thought the team struggled with against Hargrave Academy. They have also worked on first down production and third down scenerios. The offense has also worked on another situation every day this week, picking up the blitz.

The defense has been focusing all week has been going against the base plays of the triple option. Coach Jones thinks that having three weeks between games is a positive in that the defense gets more time to prepare for this type of offense. “Kids nowadays don’t grow up playing in that offense,” Coach Jones said. “When I grew up pretty much everyone ran the option, so it was nothing to go out there, line up and know where you were supposed to go – but, you just don’t see it any more. You have to be very disciplined to play against the option. That’s why the Armys and the Navys are very successful in Division I football. They play teams with better athletes, but the offense is a great equalizer.”

The staff and in particular Coach Jones has been surprised in a good way by his teams performance on the practice field with the lone exception being Tuesdays practice. Tuesday’s practice was described as the offensing having a lull. “I think that we have practiced much better than I would have anticipated,” Coach Jones observed.

Another plus for the long layoff between games is the team gets to mend injuries sustained in the first game. All but one injury has cleared up since the first game. John Mark Patrick, who came off the field late in the Jags game against Hargrave with what appeared to be a knee injury, did not return to practice this week. He said it was a little unusual this late in September to be about 99% as he said. But also the Jags have only played the one game as well.

The Jags will take a three day weekend before beginning game-week preparations on Monday for the Black Knights of Army Prep.


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