Coach Joey Jones Show Recap 2009-09-08

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Unfortunately I missed the first half of the show, but I have covered what I did get to listen to of the Joey Jones Radio Show.

I tuned in just in time to hear coach Jones talk about how USA was smaller than Hargrave up front however they matched up very well. The defense did a good job stopping the run except for a few plays and the one big pass play for a touchdown.

Coach Crain came on the program and said that he was pleased about how the defense played. They were good enough to win but were not perfect, which is what they strive for. He said that USA has been blessed with players that want to go out and play hard and do the best that they can. He believes in having pressurized practices. He also said that if you can get to the point where practice is the hard situation and the game is not, then you can be very successful.

Several callers mentioned the great time they had on Saturday. Coach Jones thanked them for coming out and giving the players a great environment to play in. He said he loved the atmostphere and had to take off his headset a couple times just to hear the crowds reaction to some plays. USA had some top recruits in for the game and that they look forward to making some calls to them to guage their reaction. it should make a good impression on them.

Another caller said he was very impressed with how the Jaguars played. That they were only called for four penalties for about 25 yards which is not what you would expect for a first game.

Another caller asked when they were going to upgrade the scoreboards at Ladd they wanted to see replays. Coach Jones said he thought that both the GMAC bowl and the Senior Bowl both brought portable big screens for that but he did not know of any plans for that to be installed at Ladd.

Lee asked again if USA had a wildcat like formation. Coach Jones said they do not. Several teams use it, mostly when they don’t have a quarterback that can run well. The Jags have some very mobile quarterbacks and they don’t need to use that formation because of that reason.


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