South Alabama’s First Two-A-Day Practice Cut Short By Lightning

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The Jaguars first two-a-day practice had to be cut short on Tuesday. Due to lightning in the area, the Jags second practice of the day was cut off midway through.

The morning practice began with special teams with the place kickers getting in some field goal work. Next was about 35 minutes of position drills. Then cornerbacks and receivers in some passing drills while the offense practiced running the ball against the defense’s front seven. Next the full offense and defense worked on third-and-long drills. Finally, the morning practice concluded with 3rd-and-10 drills.

Coach Jones said the team had a great practice this morning with lots of hitting and a couple scuffles.

The afternoon practice added more new wrinkles to the team by having the defense working on the grass field while the offense worked on the field turf. They both started with position drills then moved into special teams by focusing on punt coverage. Then back to position drills again before lightning would end the practice early around 4:30pm.

Speaking after the practice session was cut short, Coach Jones said, “We had backed off of the afternoon session anyway. Their legs are pretty tired right now. We got in most of the practice. We missed one period of defense and an offense-only period at the end, but we were only going to go about an hour-and-a-half. We’re going to get another one Thursday.”

Coach Jones also spoke about injuries. Despite such a high level of intensity, the team has remained relatively healthy. “Nothing major right now, but just some slight pulls, hip flexors, thigh bruises and those types of things,” Coach Jones said. “I think we’re fine. We’ll get most everybody back in the next three or four days.”

Defensive coordinator Bill Clark spoke about the effort and enthusiasm the players are putting in so far in preparation to the Jaguars first season. “We say it starts with effort, and then it’s enthusiasm and then it’s playing smart,” Coach Clark said. “First we’ve got to get the effort, and we’re getting some good strides there. It’s been exciting so far to see these guys taking steps to get better because a lot of them were in high school not long ago.”

Again speaking about preparation, Coach Jones had more praise for the team. “There hasn’t been a day that our kids haven’t come prepared to work,” he said. “They got a little tired toward the end of practice, but they followed through. Some of the receivers are running a good bit, and when you’re running routes all day long it kind of gets to you, but they’re learning to fight through the last part of practice.”

By the end of the week, Coach Jones wants to have a depth chart. “At the end of this week we’re going to make our decision on the ones and twos,” he said. “Of course it’s not over at that point, but you get more reps, so you have a better chance to keep it. If you’re a number three after this week you’re going to have to really fight to get reps to prove yourself.”

The Jags will hit the practice field again on Wednesday with a 7:30am start time. They will have another two-a-day on Thursday before an off day on Friday in preparation to Saturday’s scrimmage and “Fan Day.”


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