A “Red Out” At Ladd-Peebles For Scrimmage

April 6, 2009 · By · Filed Under Football 

After writing about the scrimmage taking place on Friday, April 10th an idea came to me. The USA Outlaws typically wear their red shirts to events and red is now the primary color for USA sports. So we challenge Thunderjags.com readers to help spread the word to everyone. Wear red to Ladd on Friday to support the Jags.

These guys are working their tails off trying to secure a spot on the team going into Fall practice (only 85 can be brought in at this time). That means some of these kids who worked out all semester for these three weeks of spring practice to try to win them a spot on the team, will have to go. Walk-ons and non-scholarship players are what will determine the face of this team for the next year or two while they build up the number of scholarships to Division-I levels.

Lets spread the word to wear red or as the other slogan goes, lets “Bleed it Red” for South Alabama. We want these guys to look up into the stands when they take the field at 5:30pm and actually feel like they are a part of something special. We want them to know we support them. We want the coaches to know we support them. We want the players to get a taste of what Ladd-Peebles Stadium is going to look like when September 5th, 2009 finally arrives. We want them to see a sea of red in the stands.

So help to spread the word to everyone you know, “Wear red to Ladd, lets Bleed It Red”.

Go Jags! Bleed it Red!

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