Coach Joey Jones Show Recap 2009-02-25

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Brian is in the studio with Coach Jones and Justin Schwin. Lee Shirvanian is with the baseball team getting ready to broadcast when they take on Southern Miss. Broadcasting live from Wings Sports Grill on Airport Boulevard in Mobile, Alabama.

With spring practice beginning in one week from Monday on March 9th they were talking about the workouts and the time being put into strength and conditioning since Justin Schwin was among the radio panel this week. Each coach has a certain area in the weight room to cover while the Strength and Conditioning coach Justin Schwin is moving around checking everything out and making sure everything is going correctly.

They can work with the players eight hours a week up until spring practice begin. At that time they can then work with them 20 hours a week. The breakdown of the workout under the current eight hours a week schedule is that they are in the weight room five days a week. During spring practice they will be in the weight room two days a week but the rest of the time the workouts will be on the field for the 20 hour a week maximum.

Coach Jones said he wants the athletes made into athletes not muscle bound blocks that cannot move on the field. They are not just building strength and bulk like sometimes was done in the old days or is portrayed in movies but he wants athletic players that can move and have speed. They can and will modify players’ workouts for whatever Coach Jones wants to see the player work on.

You have to train for everything from strength and agility to hip speed and changing direction you cannot focus too much on one and neglect the other. Weight training has to be done very carefully else you will injure kids. It has to be done in progression from getting the right form and technique up to the point they are finally working out and getting stronger. Also you cannot work out at 100% capacity every time because that does not improve the players and it also leaves them open to injury.

When talking about supplements, protein shakes and the such Coach Jones said that if you eat correctly then you don’t really need all the supplements on the side. They may have an added benefit but proper nutrition will work and may even work better than supplements. What he says to the players is that if it’s a quick fix then it’s probably not that good. With any sports players and just like with these players, if they eat junk and play football then they will play like junk.

Coach Jones clarified about where practices will be held. It was initially decided to use Ladd-Peebles Stadium for the workouts and practice until the time that the fieldhouse is completed for summer/fall workouts and due to students class schedules and transportation to and from the Stadium. However after looking at possibly building or using something as a locker room and shower facility, they determined that it was not economically feasible to do such and it was worked out that Ladd-Peebles would again be where spring practice would be held.

The first three practices will be closed to the public, but the workout times have been set for 2:30-4:45pm. Three possible scrimmages have been scheduled for March 27th, April 3rd and April 10th which will be open to the public at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

A caller asked about a possible television coach’s show. The caller has seen schools like Troy, and others around the country, who have a televised coaches shows and he posed that it would be an invaluable recruiting tool for Coach Jones and USA to have a televised coaches show. Additionally he asked if WNSP (who broadcasts the Joey Jones Show) was going to be the flagship radio station for USA sports whereby everything USA would come first before other things (shows etc.). Coach Jones said that USA has signed a contract with IMG and they will have a lot of input into what is done. Joe Gottfried has been talking about many potential things but nothing has been thrown out as a concrete option or idea yet.


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