Coach Joey Jones Show Recap 2009-02-04

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The entire coaching staff is at Wings Sports Grill for the Joey Jones Show. Coach Jones begins the show talking about the Signing Day Event at the Mitchell Center to present the players to everyone who is in attendance. As previously reported it will also be streamed online.

Great news as well is that the Joey Jones show will continue for a few more weeks and hopefully throughout spring practice.

At show time they have signed 27 to this point with a couple pending this afternoon but cannot name names. Coach Jones feels great about the ones they have signed and a couple have popped up late and could be great additions to the class some of them will be worked on this afternoon. Majority of recruits are from Alabama but several are from out of state. Rough numbers are about 5 GA, 2 or 3 from MS, 3 LA or so. They signed more defensive players than offensive players so probably 2/3rds are defensive players.

Did not go head-to-head against Alabama or Auburn, once they offered a scholarship USA would back off but would sometimes keep contact to make sure that everything continued to be okay. Its hard to get a kid if they think they might be able to go to Auburn or Alabama.

Coach Clark (Defensive Coordinator) speaking first on the show. They were looking for runners and hitters and stressed character, they were even looking for Defesive Lineman who can run. Emphasized speed over size, not just 40 yard dash speed but also speed in changing directions, hip speed etc. Multiple 3-4 defense so your defensive backs could be linebackers and linebackers could be defensive backs.

Kurt Crane (Linebackers) talked about the situation where if you wanted to sign about 9 linebackers you have to recruit about 65 linebackers. He praised the USA staff  at doing a great job at targeting linebackers to get and actually landing them. He also cautioned the offenses that they will be playing to make sure and wear their gear and mouthpieces because these guys are going to hit and they are going to hit hard.

Brian Turner (recruiting coordinator and defensive coach) said that defensive line is going to sign 8 guys, about 4 inside and 4 outside. Some from will come from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana I think since he was speaking pretty fast.

Duwan Walker (defensive backs coach) has ties to south Georgia area. He has been looking at speed starting with hips and then foot speed. Have been looking far and wide from New York to California for Defensive Backs.

John Turner (Offensive Line, Guards and Centers) said the they have signed about three Offensive Linemen and he is really excited about them. He also said they could turn out to be some big strong top Offensive Lineman.

Mitch Rodrigue (Offensive Line, Tackles and Tight Ends) has ties to south Mississippi and Louisiana area and Coach Jones said these areas will be a key area for USA especially with Mitch’s ties to the area so look in the future for possible big signees from these areas. He was hired in July and was a bit behind on recruiting but he has already gotten on top of recruiting for next year. They have picked up some good tight ends with good hands and can block as well.

Dameyune Craig (Wide Receivers) is known around the area and also recruits this area. He won some championships in high school and was quarterback at Auburn. He is really excited about the guys coming in. Some big guys who can run as well as smaller guys who can make you miss. There are receivers in this class he thinks can play on the next level. He thinks in two years USA will be ready to compete against the other Division I schools.

Some names will be released at press conference at 3pm but all names will be released at 4pm at the Mitchell center.

Also when asked about the Offensive Coordinator position, Coach Jones said that Tony Franklin will not be his Offensive Coordinator (unlike what was said on the WNSP morning show in speculation). He will not reveal who it is going to be but he did not rule out naming him at the Mitchell Center event this afternoon.


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