Nov 13 SBC Conference Football Standings

November 13, 2008 · By · Filed Under Football 

With the college football season starting to wind down, now is a good time to look at what the SBC conference standings look like.

Louisiana-Lafayette is currently on top of the SBC with a 4-0 conference record 5-4 overall. Needing one more win to become bowl eligible this season. Second place is Troy who’s record is 6-3 (4-1 Conf) and have reached bowl eligible status. Then the rest of the conference: Florida International 4-5 (3-2), Arkansas State 4-5 (2-2), Floridat Atlantic 4-5 (2-2), Middle Tennessee State 3-6 (2-3). The final two are Louisiana-Monroe 3-7 (2-4) and North Texas 1-9 (0-5) and neither are eligible for a bowl appearance.

Western Kentucky, whos basketball team is part of the Sun Belt Conference, plays football as an independent. If WKU would join the Sun Belt when USA joins that would give the conference 10 teams. Plus if an additional two teams would join, then the Sun Belt would be eligible to have a conference championship game similar to the SEC. But in order for this to happen, a conference must have 12 teams. Which is why a couple seasons ago we had the shake-up between the ACC and the Big East where Miami and Virginia Tech jumped over to the ACC. That gave the ACC two more big programs and 12 teams so they could add a championship game.

That reshuffling really hurt the Big East. However the teams in the ACC are not fairing much better. When you hear the names of the top two teams in the Big East, Pittsburg and Cincinnati, it doesn’t really strike much fear into you. However when you hear the top two teams in the ACC, Florida State and North Carolina, they strike a bit more fear. All four teams have 2 losses but that championship game in the ACC sets that conference farther apart from the Big East.

Go Jags! Bleed it red!


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