Willingham and Fulmer out at end of season

November 4, 2008 · By · Filed Under Football 

Last week or so it came out that the University of Washington was releasing Tyrone Willingham at the end of the season. Yesterday Phillip Fulmer went in front of everyone and announced that the he was going to go along with the University of Tennessee’s wishes and will leave as their head football coach. Fulmer is in the midst of a second consecutive rough season and it will be the last at his alma mater. In the summer he signed a new contract that has a $6 Million buyout clause.

Someone speculated that, albeit quite far fetched, that Fulmer could go to Auburn, Sylvester Croom could take over in Tennessee and Tubberville could go to Mississippi State. I don’t put much stock into this rumor but crazier things have happened. Such is the life of a football coach in the SEC. Could this be the Saban effect? Come into a team that has underperformed and in two season be challenging for the SEC title and a possible National Title.

We will have to wait to see who will replace Fulmer at Tennessee.


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